Vitoslavská - sewing and embroidery of costumes

"Zafóké větříčku přes HANÓ"
These sites are devoted to manual work - sewing and embroidery of costumes - which decorate our native region, "Haná" in middle of Moravia for many centuries.


My name is Jarmila Vitoslavská and I would like to preserve the beauty of hand made embroidery from Haná - region and to hand over the old motives and also then by me during many years of experience developed new motives to next generation.

I am dealing with mending of napkins, table clothes, muffs up to sewing and mending of complete Haná type garb - and this of festive and also working type, for children, women and men. These costumes are very different and exactly reflect the locality of given costume. Each small village in the Haná region has its exact specific features - differences in the embroidery or in ribbon, in its color, in style of sleeve, etc. That all belongs to complete harmony of heritage of our Haná region.

You can find my work not only in Haná region, but also in abroad.

My credo is the returning to Haná region its manual seal and therefore I offer to all fans of manual work and folk-lore my services.

  • delivery of garbs with complete accessories (including hats, girdles, scarf, boots)
  • napkins with mending – according to wishes of customer

I am looking forward to your countenance.

  • Vitoslavská Jarmila
  • Nová čtvrť 526/33
  • Troubky
  • 751 02
  • Tel: +420 603 582 244
  • E-mail:
Nositel tradice 2013 Živnostník roku 2011 Certifikát Haná, regionální produkt Sdružení lidových řemeslníků a výrobců

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